Borden Village FC

Match Report

Match Report - 23 Nov 2013, Borden Village FC Reserves lost to Sheppey & Sheerness United Reserves

It was local derby time as we went away to face Sheppey & Sheerness
Reserves with a twist as their manager used manage the reserves at.
Borden. We went full of confidence with a big squad eager to turn our
rivals over.
We started again quite cautiously with the game being quite scrappy on
a pitch which wasn't the flattest or greatest. It was hard to get the flow
going but we looked the better side creating lots of space down the
flanks with Ward put in some real decent deliveries. Baverstock had a
headed chance towards the end of the half which really should have
gone in. As the half closed out it was hard to see how we hadn't turned
out chances into goals.
The second half was pretty much the same with Borden failing to
convert the chances into goals with Ridley & Kemsley having a few long
range chances. Ward hit the bar with a great header late on and with
Borden piling the pressure on got caught with a counter attack which fell
to Batten to slide under Neat to give Sheppey the victory. This was a
great game but one that left a sour taste in the mouth as we at least
deserved a point if not all 3.
Man of the Match: Shane Sandy

Sheppey & Sheerness United Reserves 1 - 0 Borden Village FC Reserves ()

Name Goals Details
1 Michael Neat  
2 Jamie Baverstock  Jamie  Baverstock Yellow card
3 Harry Blackwell  
4 Billy Graham  
5 Ryan Howe  
6 Martin Kemsley  
7 Aaron Ridley  
8 James Rogers  
9 Shane Sandy  
10 Calvin Sills  
11 Charlie Ward  
12 Lee Hudson  
13 Lewis Nelson-Iye  
14 Joe Prince